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Growing successful projects even from a half-page idea description

25+ years of expertise

We are interested in projects that create true value for businesses and their users. To build the ideal solution for your business, we collaborate closely with your domain experts and project coordinators.

And you can rest assured that we understand the language of business and ideas.

We serve mainly enterprises, product companies, and VC-backed firms. However, flexibility is our priority, so all companies are welcome!

Our favourite business domains

  • 01. Healthcare

    Most of our projects in this area focus on satisfying the increasing need to bring more affordable, qualitative, and personalized healthcare to a wider audience.

    We develop our products in full compliance with HIPAA regulations.

    • Challenge

      Remote patient monitoring / Telemedicine

    • Our solution

      Developing software that collects wellness and fitness data from wearables and smart home devices to provide users with health data and its analysis

    • Stakeholders

      Insurance companies, employers, doctors, and patients

  • 02. Fintech

    We create artificial intelligence solutions that help both businesses and their clients. When it comes to high-volume document processing, product matching, and strict regulation compliance, algorithms are far more efficient than humans. So we let everybody do what they are best in.

    • Challenge

      Automated claim processing

    • Our solution

      Creating an automated workflow that retrieves key data from claims and makes a pre-assessment for humans to validate and use to make final decisions. AI-based solutions help reduce processing costs and make insurance payouts to policyholders less subjective

    • Stakeholders

      Insurance companies

  • 03. Automotive

    The ridesharing revolution has two main priorities: manufacturing purpose-built autonomous vehicles and improving passengers’ trip experiences. We create innovative software solutions for both areas.

    • Challenge

      Human-machine interface (HMI) for autonomous vehicles

    • Our solution

      Designing a HMI that allows the human and the automated systems of the vehicle to co-drive the car in a safe manner

    • Stakeholders

      Automobile manufacturers, car owners, and carsharing services

What makes us special

  • Stable project teams
  • Seamless integration
  • Deep domain expertise
  • Utmost business value
  • Wide technological stack
  • Realistic deadlines

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