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Mature collaboration makes outsourced services feel like they're in-house

XIM is a custom software development company with mature processes and extensive domain expertise.

We build web and mobile applications for businesses in the automotive, healthcare, fintech, education, and media and entertainment domains.

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  • Agile approach to development
  • Stable cross-functional teams (No quality downgrade)
  • Probation period at the beginning of collaboration
  • Flexible pricing

Our clients say

XIM, Inc., has fully integrated into the client’s processes. Their work has contributed to an 80% increase in test automation and a 32% improved quality index. The team offers transparent, responsive communication and a collaborative approach to the partnership.

Despite their lack of experience working in healthcare, XIM's expertise in software development makes them a strong partner.

With outstanding communications and flexibility, they learned as they went along without major difficulties and successfully developed an app that gets magnificent reviews.

XIM, Inc., is reliable and consistent, fulfilling all needs and requests on time and within required specifications. Although they had to change project managers, the transition was seamless, did not affect the quality of work, and new team members were integrated quickly.

The new CRM system has facilitated easier business management processes and customer connections, improving the client’s reputation. XIM, Inc., immediately understood the concept of the project and continues to deliver professional, reliable, high quality results.

The solution is convenient, user-friendly, and easy to use. XIM, Inc.'s, understanding of both the product and business requirements allows them to offer creative insight to the project and better relate to the client. They are a versatile, unique team with a broad range of expertise and skills.

How to initiate your project development

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How we work

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Whichever contact option you choose, you can add your project description and we will make an initial estimate FOR FREE. Within a week, you'll get an approximate budget and time required for your project implementation.
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Once we've discussed all details and come to an agreement, we prepare a proposal and get ready to begin!