Software Consulting Services

XIM finds business solutions and design their technical realizations

XIM offers software consulting services for product companies, enterprises, and VC-backed startups. This can be either a part of a larger software development project with you or a standalone service. In either case, we focus on your business needs first.

XIM finds the solutions that have growth potential, increase business value, reduce costs, and minimize marketing and technical risks.

What you get

If you choose us as your software consulting company, you'll be able to:

  • Access our 25 years of expertise in software and IT infrastructure development, as well as domain expertise.
  • Get external, objective recommendations on your optimization needs.
  • Outsource any part of IT services your company needs.
  • Get a professional consultant for any single project.

What we do

  • Validate your ideas

    Only the market can truly evaluate business ideas and separate the wheat from the chaff. We help startups better understand their business value and build prototypes, proofs of concept, and MVPs.
  • Suggest software development strategies

    We know how to sow the seeds of future growth at the very beginning of the project, by finding technological solutions that are secure, easily scalable, and able to handle high load.
  • Find new channels to reach your audience

    Your business may derive substantial benefit from adding social technologies to your service or creating a mobile app.
  • Resolve business challenges in a cost-effective way

    We dive into your domain, collect and analyze business requirements, elaborate various strategies, discuss them with you, and select the most appropriate ones.
  • Upgrade your IT infrastructure

    You may significantly reduce direct and indirect costs of owning your product or service by means of virtualizing its infrastructure or migrating it to the cloud.
  • Provide unbiased assessments

    We suggest external technological recommendations based on your business needs and prioritize open standards due to their cost-efficiency and flexibility.
  • Advance your processes with Agile

    We can help you build software products faster and with lower risks by integrating the best Agile practices into your business. We conduct training sessions for your employees and provide experienced supervisors.
  • Enable DevOPS culture

    We employ automation and integration on the infrastructural level to streamline each process in your business.

Our strengths

  • Always on budget and on time
  • Flexible collaboration models
  • Comprehensive domain expertise
  • Transparent processes
  • Clear communication

Contact us

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