Augmented Reality App Development

The sooner you jump on augmented reality technology, the less regret you’ll have. It’s a game changer for your business.

What augmented reality app development is about

AR augments the user’s environment with virtual objects in real time.

  • These virtual objects vary from one industry to another. They can be furniture items that are virtually placed in a real room (Retail).

  • Or they can be guidelines for training employees on how to use complex production equipment (Education).

  • These virtual objects vary from one industry to another. They can be furniture items that are virtually placed in a real room (Retail).

How you benefit from augmented reality

Augmented reality technology can boost any business, generating more revenue in many ways:

  • It portrays your company as a leader in tech within the industry.
  • It helps your product stand out as the most innovative at trade shows and conferences.
  • It increases the visibility and memorability of your products in public spaces.
  • It helps you engage your audience emotionally, better explain your distinguishing features, and shorten the path to closing the deal.

Which industries benefit most from augmented reality

  • Marketing

    In the marketing and advertising domain, augmented reality helps:

    • Attract attention to your company and products at conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions.
    • Create marketing content: Any experience can be recorded as a screen capture and shared on social media.
    • Increase the appeal of “boring” or complex aspects of the product by making them vivid and immersive.
    • Get a higher ranking due to more emotional feedback from users.
  • Retail

    In retail, augmented reality helps:

    • Establish retail displays in stores.
    • Recreate your entire product line in 3D and enable customers to view products from smartphones:
      • To project furniture items into real rooms;
      • To try apparel products on virtually;
      • To virtually spin a product around and view it from all angles.
  • Education

    In education projects, augmented reality helps students:

    • Make learning an interactive “real” experience that sticks with learners and is easier to recall.
    • Learn from their own mistakes made while manipulating virtual objects in a game-like, 360-degree augmented-reality environment.
    • Explore the “reality” freely in their own way and by choosing their own path.
    • Face challenges in a safe semi-virtual environment and learn to keep calm in tense situations.

What we offer

As an augmented reality app development company, we create virtual objects and mobile apps for various industries and all major mobile platforms. Our most popular augmented reality development services are the following:

  • 3D AR models
  • AR Brochures
  • AR Experiences
  • AR Presentations
  • AR Visualisations
  • AR Games
  • MVPs

How we manage projects

  • Responsive and proactive communication
  • Transparent tracking of documents, tasks, and timelines
  • Agile approach to project management

What skills augmented reality developer teams have

We have the right team in place, covering both design and development. We’ll do all the work related to augmented reality app development: product concept development, 2D and 3D art asset creation, UX/UI design, front-end and back-end development, and QA testing.

Scale your product with:

  • Staff augmentation, boosting your team with the following specialists:

    • AR app developers
    • Designers
    • Business analysts
    • DevOps engineers
    • QA specialists
  • A project-based dedicated team that may consist of the following specialists:

    • Project managers
    • Business analysts
    • Front-end developers
    • Back-end developers
    • AR game developers
    • UX designers
    • 3D artists

How our augmented reality agency creates AR experiences

Any augmented reality project consists of the following three components:

  • 1

    The real environment or the place where virtual objects will appear

    To position virtual elements in real-world spaces, you may need:

    • Face recognition
    • Image tracking and matching
    • Location tracking (GPS, compass, gyroscope, and accelerometer)
    • Gesture detection and recognition
    • Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
  • 2

    The virtual object itself (2D or 3D images, text data, navigation, etc.)

    2D and 3D model rendering as well as object animation help to recreate virtual objects

  • 3

    The way you provide the augmented reality experience to the end user

    Creating apps for Android, iOS, and HTC Vive headsets may require the following augmented reality SDK:

    • Google’s ARCore, geared for the Android application development
    • Apple's ARKit, geared for iOS augmented reality development
    • Node.js, PHP or .NET, used for the back-end
    • Cross-platform augmented reality development requires Xamarin, Flutter, or some other SDK

How to start a project with us

To understand how much augmented reality development for Android or iOS costs, use our calculator below.

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FAQ about augmented reality companies

What is the most universal SDK for augmented reality projects?
Wikitude SDK is suitable for both native and cross-platform augmented reality development for mobile devices as well as for smart glasses. ARlab SDK is well suited for both Android AR development and iOS AR development. But normally the front-end part of an AR app is created with a platform-specific tool. For example, Droid AR can be used for Android AR app development only.
How to create an augmented reality game
AR game development requires a more specific set of skills than the typical AR app. That’s why it’s better to outsource such projects to augmented reality gaming companies, not just augmented reality development companies.
Do you use Unity for augmented reality apps?
Yes, we sometimes use Vuforia SDK with Unity for augmented reality software development.

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