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With 25 years of experience building custom software solutions, we're experts in the most common business services in diverse business domains.

Our technological expertise

  • AdTech & Programmatic

    Get insights out of your ad campaign data.

    Technologies: Java, PHP, C++, Node.JS, AngularJS, React.JS

  • IoT

    Get data flows from wireless devices organized around your goals.

    Technologies: Java, PHP, C++, Python

  • E-commerce

    Get a robust and secure platform for selling your products and services online.

    Technologies: Java, PHP

  • VR

    Bring your customers into another world with highly immersive visualizations.

    Technologies: Java, C++, Python, Swift

  • AR

    Augment your client's reality with your business data.

    Technologies: Java, C++, Python, Swift

  • Blockchain

    Build a secure and transparent business.

    Technologies: Java, C++, Python

  • CRM

    Build relationships with your customers based on data analysis.

    Technologies: Java, PHP, C++, Ruby on Rails, .NET

  • ERP

    Get your back office processes automated and manageable.

    Technologies: .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, AngularJS, React.JS

  • Social Networks

    Attract high-quality traffic to your website by engaging your customers.

    Technologies: Java, PHP, Python, .NET

Solutions for our key business domains

Why to choose XIM

  • Wide technological stack
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Deep domain expertise
  • Stable project teams
  • Realistic deadlines

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