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From an idea in your head to an app in the App Store

As an iPhone app development company, we have been creating software for iOS devices for 12 years.

We've developed dozens of apps and published them to the App Store, released hundreds of upgrades, and processed 50 million installations. We're always ready for new challenges!

Our strengths

  • App Store assistance

    Our iOS app development company has published nearly one hundred applications to the App Store, offering continuous upgrades.

    Knowing all the requirements helps us carefully guide you through the strict approval process.

  • iOS UI standards

    Carefully following Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, we create native apps that integrate seamlessly with iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

    Our iOS apps are as fun and user-friendly as those created by Apple themselves.

  • Stable teams

    Each team is carefully assembled for a particular project. If necessary, you can approve each member of your team as if they were your employees.

    You will know each of our experts by name and will be able to communicate with them directly.

  • Cost-effective development

    Stable project teams and well-established processes result in a faster development process, which also means lower costs.

    This efficiency helps us expand our expertise with more new projects, and leads our clients to return to us again and again.


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Our solutions

  • Augmented reality

    In the last five years, we have prepared 52 AR solutions for enterprises.

    We create both augmented-reality 3D models and situated personal visualizations (attaching a company's data to real objects and making it visible though special devices). Our AR capabilities help you avoid the expenses incurred by traveling to browse real objects, hiring consultants, and purchasing costly equipment for presentations.

  • Games

    Our ten-year expertise in the game industry has visible outcomes: over 30 million downloads, half a million active users, and top rankings in Western Europe and North America.

    Our primary game genres are adventure, arcade, board, card, and puzzle.

  • Internet of Things

    In the last three years, we have produced a number of IoT solutions based on the most popular machine-to-machine interfaces and smart technologies.

    During every minute, our solutions for home, transport, and healthcare are processing terabytes of data, making life more comfortable and safe.

Our featured projects


How much does it cost to make a mobile application?
Development costs depend on two main factors: developer team geolocation and app complexity. Specialists with lower hourly rates are available outside the US. To assess the degree of your app's complexity, consider how many features it will have, how complex the logic will need to be to connect these features, and what level of graphics you would like your product to have.
What team members are needed to build a mobile application?
The very basic team consists of a business analyst, one to three developers, a UX/UI/graphic designer, a QA engineer, and a project manager. Such a team is able to build a small or mid-sized app by collecting business requirements; conducting design, development and testing phases; and launching the final product to the market. The more complicated your app, the larger your team gets.
Can we meet your developers?
Yes, you can get acquainted with the team during a live video session. Our team members may also be able to visit your office, depending on your location.

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