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Our games grab users' attention for hours on end

As a mobile game development company, we know that creating games is not just about stunning graphics or flawless coding. It is about creating an experience so smooth and captivating that users keep playing for years.

By creating a sleek, dynamic gaming experience, we leave gamers no excuse to quit.

Our strengths

  • Built-in social mechanics

    Social network logins, friend-based leaderboards, gifts, and points create a gaming atmosphere that is both friendly and competitive.

    This increases the number of daily active users, the time they spend playing, and their readiness to make in-game purchases.

  • Smooth in-game payments

    We design in-app purchases as an intrinsic part of the gaming experience. These purchases are easy, instant, and well-integrated into the game itself.

    The security of payments — whether through money or cryptocurrency — is of the utmost importance for XIM.

  • Smart ad placement

    As a game development company with 25 years of experience, we know when gamers may be ready to watch an ad, so we place it in the right spot.

    Options such as rewards, gameplay boosts, discounts, tips, and chances to try again create a win-win solution for both gamers and game owners.

  • Rigorous testing

    At XIM, we believe that testing is all about apps, not users' patience. We run speed tests, check battery usage, take into account data speed in the target regions, and optimize, optimize, optimize. A flawless gaming experience is our primary goal.


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  • Our products

    Besides providing mobile game development services to our clients, we create our own products. Over 20 of our games — in the genres of puzzle, adventure, arcade, board, and card — are currently available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

    We are proud to say that our top games maintain first-place global rankings in their categories year after year. This corresponds to over 12 million installs per game per year and about 1 million active users per game per day.

  • Augmented reality games

    For the last three years, we have been augmenting reality not only with useful data but also with fun. Imposing animated images over real images seen through the smartphone camera is an easy and effective way to get users' attention.

    Our favorite game genres are puzzle, adventure, arcade, board, and card. We love to entertain people with our games.

  • 3D games

    Creating 3D games requires extremely close collaboration among artists, designers, and developers. Since this process revolves around balancing thousands of art components and turning them into a game-ready format, we are proud of having built a stable and cohesive 3D team with a wide set of skills and expertise.

    Currently, our software collects, analyzes, and visualizes data from wearables, medical devices, homes, and vehicles serving millions of people.

Our featured projects


How long does it take to build an app?
Building a custom mobile app takes at least two months. But it may take significantly longer if your app has a complicated inner logic, numerous features, or complicated graphics. Low-budget apps with the minimum team may also take more time to complete. However, minimum viable products (MVPs) and prototypes can be developed faster, but their code may require improvements later.
How can I monetize a mobile game?
There are several strategies you can use to monetize free apps. Two of the most effective are in-game purchases and in-game advertising. To ensure that these strategies work effectively, purchases should be smooth and secure, ads should be placed strategically and provide gamers with bonuses, and the ads shouldn't be so obtrusive that they lead users to quit the game. We have been developing our own games for nearly 10 years, so we have a wealth of experience about game monetization.

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