Cross-Platform App Development Services

Cheaper development, easier upgrades, close-to-native experience

It can be difficult to choose between Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms. Your choice will depend on your audience and business strategy, among other factors. Providing cross-platform development services, we adapt our apps not only to the major platforms but also to users with a variety of needs.

Our strengths

  • Near-native performance

    Depending on the complexity of your app, we choose the language and framework that provide the optimal outcome.

    That means balancing development speed, costs, and the resulting performance. End-users will have no idea that your app is not native to their device's platform, and you will save both time and money.

  • Cost-effective development

    Stable project teams and well-established processes result in a faster development process, and therefore in reduced costs.

    Our cost-effective approach not only enables us to expand our expertise with more new projects, but makes our clients return to us again and again.

  • Stable project teams

    We build teams for particular projects out of our in-house specialists with the required skill sets and expertise.

    Clients can participate in selecting candidates for their projects. Once a team is formed, it remains stable until the end of the project. We will never downgrade the level of expertise on your team.


  • C/C++
  • Xamarin
  • PhoneGap
  • Cordova
  • Unity
  • .Net

Our solutions

  • Augmented reality

    Creating more than 50 AR projects in four years is quite an achievement. We build AR 3D models and create apps that allow users to retrieve data about objects in the real world just by looking at them through a smartphone camera. Such augmented reality solutions save businesses thousands of dollars on hiring consultants, buying presentation equipment, and traveling to view real-world objects and locations.

  • Games

    Ten years of game development have made us feel at home on the market. We know all about publishing games to the App Store and competing in the Google Play Store.

    Our best games rank at the top of their genres across the globe, with over 50 million installations.

  • Internet of Things

    The last three years of intensive IoT development have resulted in numerous successful smart solutions for home and transportation.

    Our apps help keep your surroundings under control. We not only bring additional comfort into homes, but also allow you to customize public spaces such as offices, planes, long-distance buses, and trains.

Our featured projects


Is a native app better than a cross-platform app?
A cross-platform app may give you a close-to-native experience and work as efficiently as a native app on a diverse range of mobile devices. And even better, you'll reach a wider audience at a shorter development time and will save on further upgrades and promotion.
Why does my business need a mobile app?
Most products and services can be supplemented with a mobile app. This adds another channel through which you can reach your audience, and even better, it can help you reach an entirely new audience segment.
When should I choose a cross-platform app rather than a native Android or iOS app?
Building a cross-platform app takes somewhat longer and is more expensive than developing a native app for the chosen mobile platform. But this app type allows you to reach the audiences of all major platforms at once. So build a cross-platform app if you want to reach the widest audience in the shortest amount of time.

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