Software Development Areas of Expertise

Custom solutions for product companies, enterprises, and VC-backed startups

For 25 years on the market, we have learned every detail and standard in building solutions for different industries.

Most of our software development expertise lies in the healthcare, automotive, education, fintech, and entertainment and media domains.

Our expertise in software development

  • Healthcare

    • Telehealth & telemedicine services
    • EMR/EHR solutions
    • IoT-based patient monitoring
    • Automated medical reporting
    • AI-based medical diagnostics
  • Advertising

    • Programmatic ads tools
    • Loyalty program management
    • Advertising management
    • Data and analytics solutions
  • Fintech

    • e-Billing solutions
    • Retail point of sale solutions
    • Delivery management
    • Accounting processes automation
    • Recommendation engines
  • Education

    • Learning management systems
    • AR visualisations
    • Recommendation engines
  • Media

    • Audio and video streaming solutions
    • Recommendation engines
    • Web aggregators
  • Automotive

    • Car monitoring services
    • Carsharing services
    • Ridesharing services
    • Human-machine interfaces

Our most common solutions by domain

Our strengths

  • A combination of tech innovation and best practices in software development
  • Stable teams that include professionals with different functional expertise
  • 25 years of experience in creating diverse business services for various domains
  • Low-risk project management and realistic deadlines

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