XIM is a US outsourcing software provider

We've done quality business for 25 years

Our story

XIM was founded in 1994 in San Francisco.

The company's creators had acquired extensive experience in collaboration with US-based, Europe-based, and Indian outsourcing software development companies. That allows XIM to integrate the best features of global outsourcing providers and avoid their flaws.

We provide outsourcing services that feel like they're in-house.

Our strong sides include the following:

  • Low-risk project management with high-quality outcomes
  • Stable cross-functional teams built from our onboard specialists
  • A business-oriented approach that allows to grow beneficial products from even wild ideas

2019 marks our 25th year in business. That means that we are a mature company with lots of findings turned into established best practices.

XIM appreciates their customers and employees, and invests heavily in people, business development, and communication.

For the first 15 years we served only businesses. Then, in 2009, we started developing our own mobile games.

We are proud to say that our top games maintain first-place global rankings in their categories year after year.

Our team

We are software engineers, dancers, analysts, artists, cat owners, accountants, swimmers, readers, sportsmen, actors, graphic designers, project managers, data scientists, gamers, alpine skiers, hikers, bloggers, game developers, support managers, mobile developers, jurisconsults, parents, PPC specialists, soccer players, chess masters, travelers, QA engineers, ecologists, photographers, ski riders, musicians, melomanes, gardners, bikers, front-end developers, UX/UX designers, copywriters, back-end developers, marketers, cooks, business analysts, nature lovers, system administrators, and much more.

Being so different, we have mastered the art of building strong, stable, and cross-functional teams to grow unique and successful products.

Our mission

We help automate business processes and integrate tech innovation into businesses and their products.

Our AI-based voice assistants guide your clients during online shopping; smart image-processing algorithms help diagnose diseases at early stages; and augmented reality visualizations enrich your clients' experience with your business data.

Our Clients

We focus on helping small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprises, because we love the business side of software development. Possessing both tech and business expertise, we know how to grow products for the markets that need them.

Our clients say

XIM, Inc., has fully integrated into the client’s processes. Their work has contributed to an 80% increase in test automation and a 32% improved quality index. The team offers transparent, responsive communication and a collaborative approach to the partnership.

Despite their lack of experience working in healthcare, XIM's expertise in software development makes them a strong partner.

With outstanding communications and flexibility, they learned as they went along without major difficulties and successfully developed an app that gets magnificent reviews.

XIM, Inc., is reliable and consistent, fulfilling all needs and requests on time and within required specifications. Although they had to change project managers, the transition was seamless, did not affect the quality of work, and new team members were integrated quickly.

The new CRM system has facilitated easier business management processes and customer connections, improving the client’s reputation. XIM, Inc., immediately understood the concept of the project and continues to deliver professional, reliable, high quality results.

The solution is convenient, user-friendly, and easy to use. XIM, Inc.'s, understanding of both the product and business requirements allows them to offer creative insight to the project and better relate to the client. They are a versatile, unique team with a broad range of expertise and skills.

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