Senior Frontend Developer (ReactJS)

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The vacancy is opened on the project that provide access to doctors who treat the root cause of ailments with natural products. The project was started in 2016 with the intention of turning the lengthy, confusing, and often frustrating process of connecting patients with doctors into something anyone can do with ease and convenience. The cornerstone of it is the telehealth service, where patients can schedule an in-office or online doctor’s visit to speak to a licensed physician about alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

We’re currently looking for a Senior Front-end developer to join our expanding team.




  • Advanced ReactJS Knowledge:
    - Component Lifecycle: Understanding both legacy lifecycle methods and the newer functional components using hooks.
    - Hooks: Deep knowledge of hooks like useState, useEffect, useContext, and useReducer to add state and other React features to functional components.
    - Context: Using context to manage global state without prop drilling.
    - Performance Optimization: Techniques like React.memo, useCallback, and useMemo to reduce unnecessary renders.
  • State Management:
    - Redux: Experience building complex state management architectures with Redux, including middleware like Redux Saga or Redux Thunk for asynchronous actions.
    - Context API: Utilizing the Context API for managing state at the application level, reducing dependency on external libraries.
    - Immutable Data Patterns: Understanding and using immutable data patterns to prevent side effects and simplify state management.
  • JavaScript and ES6+:
    - Modern JavaScript Features: Mastery of ES6+ features like arrow functions, template strings, destructuring, modules, classes, and promises.
    - Asynchronous Operations: Proficient use of asynchronous JavaScript, including promises, asynchronous functions, and async/await.
    - Event Loop and Callbacks: Understanding of JavaScript mechanisms such as the event loop and callbacks, crucial for asynchronous programming.
    - Modern CSS Technologies: Professional use of CSS Grid, Flexbox to create complex, responsive, and fluid layouts.
    - Preprocessors: Experience with preprocessors like Sass or Less to simplify CSS coding.
    - Responsive Design: Developing interfaces that look good on any device and screen resolution.
  • TypeScript:
    - Static Typing: Applying TypeScript to enhance code maintainability and reduce errors through static typing.
    - Enhanced Tooling Support: Using TypeScript features to provide better tooling support, such as autocomplete and more precise error warnings.
    - Integration with Existing JavaScript Libraries: Skill in integrating TypeScript with existing libraries and frameworks, improving compatibility and performance.
  • Understanding Component Testing Principles:
    - Unit Testing: Writing unit tests for individual components to verify each component's behavior in isolation.
    - Integration Testing: Ensuring that components interact correctly with each other by testing them together.
    - End-to-End Testing: Using tools like playwrite to simulate user interactions across the entire application.
    - Mocking and Spies: Employing mocking frameworks to replace complex application parts with simple ones that mimic real behaviors.
    - Test Coverage: Emphasizing test coverage to ensure a significant portion of the codebase is tested.
    - Regression Testing: Conducting regular regression tests to confirm that new updates do not disrupt existing functionality.



  • Work on a complex and interesting IT project;
  • Competitive salary;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • –°orporate and teambuilding events;
  • Opportunity for professional growth and career development;
  • Pleasant atmosphere and a friendly team.

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